Friday, March 14, 2008

Ultra light aircraft

Ultralight flying in the Philippines is well established and popular in a several regions. Angeles Flying club is a dedicated Ultralight flying organization in Luzon. Angeles Flying Club is located in Central Luzon just north of Manila, only 15 kilometres from Clark Special Economic Zone. The Central Luzon region contains the largest plains area of the Philippines. This makes it an ideal place to fly.

The Angeles Flying club offers flight training, rental aircraft, and Sport Pilot Certification. The Philippine Air Transportation Office Does not offer liscenses for Ultralight Aircraft but allows trained certificated pilots to fly in certain airspaces near Clark economic development zone. Flights outside this area can be arranged.
The club owns a small fleet of single seat and two person training aircrat. Their planes are Quicksilver MX-2's, A Rans S-12 65 HP, and a couple Max-Air ships.

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