Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hey guys, I was at NAIA recently and had some time to kill between flights, and as I gazed around the airport from the window at the domestic terminal I spied numerous old aircraft just sitting apparently rotting in the sun. They were mostly old C-47s. It got me thinking, so when i got home I opened Google Earth and looked around NAIA from space  he he. What I discovered were many old aircraft just parked.  Included there was at least one Lockeed Constellation. All of these were not near or part of the Philippine air museum, so I don't think they were part of that. anybody know why these planes (some of which have significant value), are just laying waste at NAIA? The photos may be dated.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Aermacchi SF260F's over Cebu

I woke up this Morning to the sound of multiple propeller driven aircraft flying overhead. To my surprise I looked up and saw the entire contingent of 11-12 Aermacchi SF 260f's flying in a dual formation over Mactan airbase. This was reminiscent of a squadron of WWII fighters flying over, albiet a higher pitch engine sound from the multiple Lycoming O-540 powerplants. I can guess they are part of the announced military maneuvers in response to China's movements in the nearby Philippine territory.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mystery Jets For The Philippines?

The Philippines is looking at arming itself for the first time with dedicated fighter jets made outside of the United States, President Benigno Aquino said Wednesday amid a territorial dispute with China.
The Philippines last month requested aircraft, patrol boats and radar systems from its US military ally to help it achieve what the government said would be a "minimum credible defence".
Aquino said that his government had asked to buy second-hand F-16s from the United States, but their maintenance costs could end up being too high because of their age.
"We might end up spending $400 million or $800 million per squadron, and we were thinking of getting two squadrons," he said in an interview with Manila's Bombo Radio.
"We do have an alternative, and -- this is a surprise -- it seems we have the capacity to buy brand-new, but not from America," Aquino said, without mentioning the aircraft model.
"These are manufactured by another progressive country that I won't name at this point."
Aquino noted that Manila had retired its last fighter jet, a Korean War-vintage F-5, in 2005. It does continue to fly S211 trainer jets made by the Italian firm Marchetti, which are sometimes used as ground attack aircraft against various insurgencies.
But along with the F-5, the Philippines had previously relied on obsolete US hand-me-downs including the T-33 and the P-51 Mustang as dedicated attack fighters, and the country now has no effective air defences.
It is engaged in a tense maritime standoff with China over the disputed Scarborough Shoal and surrounding waters in the South China Sea. Both nations have stationed vessels there for over a month to assert their sovereignty.