Saturday, May 3, 2008

Clark Aviation Flight Training

Clark Aviation is the premier flight training center in the Philippines. Located at Clark Ecomomic Zone on the site of the old Cark airforce base, it offers state of the art pilot instruction for the commercial pilot.

Opened in 2006, Clark Aviation has quickly become recognized as one of the leaders in Philippine based flight training.

Clark Aviation is a member of Alpha Aviation Group's global network of International Aviation Training Centres. Alpha Aviation Group is a UK based company with extensive experience in training and management within the aviation industry. The sister company, Alpha Aviation Academy Europe operates advanced training on various systems and modern fleet aircraft.

Clark Aviation is one of the pioneers of the new ICAO Multi-Crew Pilot Licence (MPL), which has been developed specifically to train ab-initio airline pilots. Following an integrated 12 month residential training programme, successful cadets will graduate with a commercial pilot licence that allows them to fly as co-pilots, already fully qualified on the Airbus A320.
Some features of the training curriculum follow:

  • Progress is dependent on competency - not hours
  • Flight instruction hours increased over current requirements (240 vs. 200)
  • Utilization of modern training methodologies as practised by airlines
  • Emphasis on modern jet aircraft techniques rather than light aircraft techniques
  • Continuous assessment process throughout training
  • Modern simulation technology allowing weather and environmental effects
  • Comprehensive and integrated training syllabus

Clark Aviation also offers Airbus A-320 training for commercial pilots, and through it's sister company Bond Aviation, training in a number of other current fleet aircraft. you may email Clark Aviation for more information:

Or you may visit their link at the right to access their web site.

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