Thursday, June 7, 2012

Aermacchi SF260F's over Cebu

I woke up this Morning to the sound of multiple propeller driven aircraft flying overhead. To my surprise I looked up and saw the entire contingent of 11-12 Aermacchi SF 260f's flying in a dual formation over Mactan airbase. This was reminiscent of a squadron of WWII fighters flying over, albiet a higher pitch engine sound from the multiple Lycoming O-540 powerplants. I can guess they are part of the announced military maneuvers in response to China's movements in the nearby Philippine territory.

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ウェブ開発者 | リチー ライアン said...

I hope China will stop bullying on Philippines and Japan. They are bullying Japan on Senkaku Island claim, the same way they are bullying us on our Panatag Shoal.

Why? Because Shoals are ideal location for Oil Rigs. It is not really about the fishes...They are after the oils.. and maybe fish oils too..