Wednesday, April 2, 2008

BD 5 microjet for FSX

Had to share this great sim plane for Microsoft Flight Sim X. The BD-5 series includes three complete aircraft, a BD-5 piston engine model and two BD-5J models. the jets are the Coors Light edition and the James Bond movie model. This one was used in the film Octopussy.

I have been a fan of the BD-5 since its beginnings, was even on the original mailing list for kits. As it turned sour for kit builders due to powerplant problems and other issues, the BD-5 concept was simply too cool to die. Still available in kit plane for a prop, turbp prop, and jet version from BD Micro Technologies.

I had the thrill of seeing the Bud Light version do a demo at an airshow circa 1990's. Not sure which of their pilots was flying it at the time, but it was unlike anything I had seen before, almost silent at full thrust, you never saw it coming, and didn't hear it until it was long by. The pilot would sneak in low and fast, pull up slightly and roll one wingspan from the ground.
I have included two clips I found on You Tube to give an idea of the awsome performance.

The sim versions are excellent flying, realistic, and very cool. The jet is fully aerobatic with good vertical, the piston version is fun as well, but does not have the vertical performance of the jet.

The BD-5 Home Built Experimental aircraft collection featuring a new Prop version designed with the co-operation and help of the aircrafts original real life owner. This package also includes an all new version (new model, dynamics and paint) of the 'Coors Light' Jet and a new paint of the 'Acrostar' featured in the 1983 James Bond Movie 'Octopussy'. The flight model was co-developed/tested by D. A. Beebe (Original owner and builder of the real N340DB) and both aircraft flight tested by Peter Browne. Available at

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