Monday, April 14, 2008

Flight 541 Crash Book To Be Released

NORTH Cotabato Vice Governor Emmanuel Piñol is planning to write a book about the victims of Air Philippines Flight 541 that crashed in the Island Garden City of Samal on April 19, 2000.

The book will cover the effect of the crash that killed 131 people on the survivors and the relatives of the victims. The crash of flight 541 became nortorious because it resulted in the biggest lawsuit award in Philippine aviation history. The 165 million dollar settlement from AAR an Fleet who leased the plane to Air Philippines was controversial.

It was implied by some observers that the Aircraft was given a rubber stamp approval by the FAA to be leased to the Philippines. The FAA was not implicated in the class action suit, but some are questioning why a plane with obvious defects was leased to a start up airline that was under funded to begin with.

Complicating the crash investigation, the plane was hastily buried after the crash to further impede the investigation.

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